Word Alchemy is focused on the written word.

Word Alchemy is the science of transforming the cloud of ideas into elegant, readable, and usable text. Just as the medieval process of turning lead into gold took a lot of knowledge and a bit of mystery, so does word alchemy. Our team has decades of experience in various forms of writing, editing, and instruction – and with a lot of skill and a little mystery, we produce clear and concise text for your organization.

Word Alchemy helps you put your best foot forward.

We know that a professional presentation is critical to your success, and in these particularly worrying economic times, it’s more important than ever that both your style and your substance attract and keep customers. Word Alchemy helps you achieve the one-two punch of perfect contentin a polished, accessible package.

Word Alchemy is a collaborative process.

We don’t write a word until we understand your business and your needs. We believe in a collaborative process that involves meeting with you several times during the creation of your documents.

First, we find out about what you do. We ask questions about your products and services, your client base, and your goals. We talk about your story. Next, we identify your needs. We look at places both internally and externally where professionally-rendered text would best help your organization. We then talk some more, with those needs in mind, and we outline the project, whether it be internal documentation, a marketing campaign, a presentation, or article.

Somewhere in there, the alchemy happens.

It is largely intangible, but we all know it when we feel it. It is that moment when the right word triggers an epiphany, and the entire project falls into place. We feel a sudden sense of excitement and calm, as the frustration gives way in an instant to clarity.

And then the writing begins. Word alchemists set to work writing, editing, and refining the text. We make sure your web copy is search engine optimized, we make sure your brochures are in compliance, and we collaborate with you to ensure the words are right for you.

Finally, we work with graphic designers, printers, web developers, and videographers as needed to put your new words into the right format, making sure every step of the way that the finished product reflects your story, your needs, and your image.

Word Alchemy works with organizations of all sizes.

We work with individuals and organizations of all sizes, from non-profits and small businesses to larger corporations. Clients include B/E Aerospace, Round Lake Library, Cisco Press, and CA North Realty.