Guiding Principles

We believe all good writing should reflect


Have you ever read a paragraph and wondered, what did that say, anyway? Clear writing, with accurate and precise word choices, makes the difference between understanding and eyes glazing over. 


There are those who believe in the old adage ‘why use ten words when twenty will do.’  Longer is not always better, and in fact, longer text often muddies your point.  


Whether it’s the story of an event, someone’s work history, a school essay, or a business presentation, your piece works best when there’s a sense of unifying themes and ideas. 


Grammatical errors can confuse your meaning. And for many potential employers, one error can spell the difference between an interview and the circular file. Word Alchemy can perfect your grammar and mechanics, as well as shape the tone and style of your publication.


Ultimately, there is nothing more important, even in dry tech writing, than grace. Grace means that the ideas are being clearly presented and the writing does not draw attention to itself.