Policies and procedures

We work with members of your organization to write clear documents that govern and describe your work. With our understanding of Lean and Six Sigma principles, we get past the tribal knowledge and the redundant activities, past the unclear statements and non-existent guidelines, and help you create a working, workable statement of who you are and what you do.

Training materials

We help you create engaging and thorough materials  to train your employees, clients, and the public. Word alchemists are also instructors, and we employ many teaching methods, including the concept of multiple intelligences, to help you best reach all of your students.

Annual reports

Whether reporting to a board of directors, your shareholders, or the members of your organization, your annual report is a statement of where you have been and where you want to go. You want your annual reports to be read, not unopened on someone’s coffee table. We help you make your story clear, appealing, and understandable.

Informational brochures and pamphlets

Both current and potential clients need information on your products and services; while these are not specifically sales materials, they can be the difference between interest and commitment. We help you provide the information your customers need to make the decision to choose you.


More than ever, the first 10 seconds a customer spends on your website are the most crucial, and we aim to make sure visitors spend the next 10 seconds, and the 10 after that, reading more and using your site. We use tips from the best new research to attract the visitor’s eye to the right words, and we use SEO techniques (search engine optimization) to improve your visibility. As a resule, your copy not only shows you off to your best advantage but also gives them the information that best helps them choose you. We then work with a web developer to translate that advantage to the screen.

Speeches and presentations

The spoken word is a powerful tool—we help you get the best out of your words when you give speeches to other organizations or do presentations both inside and outside your organization. We not only help you organize your thoughts and find the key words that will positively impact your audience, we make sure your visual aids—handouts, slides, graphics—support your message.

Articles and papers

Your expertise is valuable, and one of the best ways to establish your role as an expert is to publish. We can help you write articles for business magazines, science journals, local and regional publications—articles that inform and compel.

Webinars and videos

Videos available on the internet are fast becoming the easiest way to get to your customers. You might choose to do a video that highlights your organization’s products and services. You might wish to offer instructional videos that help customers use your products. You might even wish to do some of your formerly live presentations and speeches in video form to reach a larger audience. We work with you to refine your script, and then with a videographer who will make you and your company lookgood on screen. We have experience in teaching, theater, and public speaking, to help you perform your best for the camera.